General Capabilities

All our products Design and Engineering processed performed in our engineering department can count on experienced engineers (MSc & PhD) with specific skills:

  • Optical Engineering   Optical components and system design
  • Thermal and structural control   Heat dissipation and stability
  • Mechanical design   Optoc-mechanical products and facilities
  • Electroforming Engineering   Design and Manufacturing of mirrors and mechanical parts via electroforming
  • Assembly and integration   Design and manufacturing of tools and equipment for optical and mechanical alignment
  • Metrology   Design and manufacturing of metrology equipment for verification

Mirror Manufacturing Processes

Media Lario manufactures mirrors through several consolidated Industrial process such as Electroforming, Galvanic coating, PV deposition via e-beam, PVD magnetron Sputtering, Mirror Polishing technology, Mirror shape correction and Mirror Cold shaping

The results of the application of these processes are products with Unique features such as:

  • High specification performances
  • Replicable processes using molds
  • Highly repeatable performance
  • Lower cost of manufacturing
  • Lower weight of components
  • Shorter turn-around times

General Facilities

Media Lario production area hosts a wyde variety of general facilites, Nickel and Copper Electroforming baths, e-Beam PVD, PVD sputteirng, Figuring and polishing facilities, a Cleaning line and a Climatic chamber

Metrology Facilities

Media Lario has more than 1000 m of cleanroom class 100 in which are located different types of machines for metrology, Surface Metrology, Profilometers , 3D Machines and Optical Benches. Futhermore our Engineering department can design and build custom metrology set-ups for unique requirements. The Clean room for Metrology and Integration is in a physically separate area of the building